Zookeeper dx touch edition crack

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How it has taken this long for DS puzzler Zookeeper to rock up on the iDevices is beyond me. It’s clear that it’s perfectly at home here and while it doesn’t do a great deal differently to the horde of similar 3-in-a-row gravity puzzlers, there’s something about it that makes it preferable to the lot of them.

So in Zookeeper you arrange coloured tiles in rows or columns of 3 (these tiles are animal faces which is obviously markedly more exciting than hexagons or other primitive geometry). Once you’ve managed to bring together three or more tiles the row disappears allowing more tiles fall into place from above. You’re free to keep lining tiles up as the others fall, creating chains that the sound effects beep-boop along to, adding time back to the rapidly diminishing timer at the foot of the screen.

This goes on until you’ve met a prerequisite target at which point you’re handed a score bonus and punted into the next level.

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