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Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is a PSP-exclusive third-person action game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Bend Studios, the team behind the highly acclaimed Syphon Filter franchise.

Logan’s Shadow is the sequel to Dark Mirror and the sixth game in the series. Time to welcome a new era of portable tactical espionage and counterterrorism.

System: PSP
Genre: Action-Shooter
Release dates: October 2nd 2007 (USA), November 30th 2007 (EURO)
Players: single player, 2-8 local & online multiplayer
Developer: Sony Bend
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Origin: America

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is an action-packed espionage thriller that introduces new combat mechanics and weaponry to the series, including blind-fire around obstacles and corners, leaning, side-to-side movement as additions to the cover system, the ability to use hostages as shields, play submerged missions, and to command other characters from the franchise’s history, providing backup to Gabe during missions and a God of War-like button-pushing mini-game to move obstacles.

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