O.r.b. off-world resource base android

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O.R.B: Off-World Resource Base (or simply O·R·B ) is a space strategy game developed and published by Strategy First . Much like Homeworld and its sequel Homeworld 2 , units can move in all three spatial dimensions .

The story of O·R·B begins with two ancient races, the Aldar and a race created by the Aldar, the Elathen, engaged in a battle for survival. The Aldar lose this conflict and their civilization is completely wiped out. However, the Aldar leave behind two younger races, the Malus and the Alyssians, each guided by a document called the Torumin. This document takes on religious importance to both races, but the true purpose of it is lost to both.

The campaign story begins chronologically with the Malus, who begin a campaign to exterminate the Alyssians, whom they believe to be the "Great Betrayers" their holy documents speak of. The Alyssians use the same symbol as the Elathen to represent themselves, hence the confusion. The Malus drive the Alyssians from their homeworld, realizing after the fact that a Torumin identical to the one that guides them is also in the hands of the Alyssians.

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