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A must read for anyone who thrives on creativity. This book was a huge affirmation and gave me the permission I needed to live my most creative life.

This book changed something in me. It took the pressure off and gave me the space and forgiveness I needed to jump back into art. I now paint nearly every day which I haven't been able to do so easily in years. I would recommend it to anyone that finds themselves struggling to create!

If you create, especially if you write, stop what you're doing right now and find a copy of Big Magic. She busts through all the excuses you've ever used to avoid putting pen to paper.

Bienvenidos a, el mejor recurso para todas las reparaciones de electrodomésticos, aspiradoras, maquinas de cortar césped y quitanieves en el internet.

Ofrecemos el inventario más completo de partes y ayuda gratis para reparaciones por el internet. Muchos de nuestros representantes hablan español y están listos para ayudar.

Por ahora nuestra página de internet todavía está en ingles, pero nuestros representantes por teléfono pueden ayudarle con su pedido de partes para su aspiradora, maquina de cortar césped, quitanieves, o electrodomésticos.

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