Hot shots tennis get a iphone

Game Features:

  • New “tennis RPG” presentation puts a new spin on the Hot Shots experience
  • Collect and level up a new set of characters on your global quest to spread the joy of tennis
  • Play single or double matches, or ad-hoc with your friends

    For some reason emulation of the Hot Shots series (Golf & Tennis on PS2 and PSP) appears to be generally not so easy and still the PS2 counterpart is facing alot of issues. That being said, the PSP port is nearly flawless and plays fantastically without any errors up until the end ... this is where the problem starts.

    Once the regular storymode is completed and the credits start rolling, the game crashes right at the end of the credits and doesnt save any progress. Since the game "continues" and there is still alot to unlock and play, its not possible to get to that part of the game as the last save brings you back again to where the credits will start.

    I attached a screenshot of the debug console right when it crashes. I reckon the 2 red lines are causing this crash. Perhaps anyone has an idea? Much appreciated.

    La consola Level Up 8 BITS PLAY STICK, como su nombre indica, dispone de un procesador de 8 bits ofreciendo un total de 76 juegos incorporados que pone al alcance de la mano, y en muy poco espacio, toda la diversión de pequeños y grandes. Se maneja por control de 7 botones y palanca digital de hasta 8 direcciones.

    En cuanto a las características de la consola Level Up 8 BITS PLAY STICK cabe mencionar especialmente su capacidad para conectarse directamente a la televisión, siendo compatible también con computadoras a través del sistema Plug & Play. Asimismo, dispone de sonido estéreo para acercar el ambiente al usuario y hacerle vibrar con cada escena.

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