Fatal fury special (live arcade) pc juegos

The grandmother of all fighting games is here, with FATAL FURY SPECIAL™, a unique adaptation of the original 1993 arcade smash Garou Densetsu Special. Experience all the great fighting game action, with added network play and high-definition display, now available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Fifteen fighters (plus a special guest), gather for the match of the millennium. Can you beat them all?

It’s a brave company that goes up against Capcom’s Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting, so kudos to SNK Playmore for having the balls. Of course, SNK has danced this particular waltz before in arcades around the world throughout the Nineties, so it should come as no surprise that Fatal Fury Special is a more than competent competitor.

Essentially a rejig of Fatal Fury 2, Special features a solid roster of fighters, some very challenging opponents and a surprisingly stable online mode. Oh, and it’s half the price of Capcom’s brawler. Bargain.

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