Earth space colonies android

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This is a special bibliography from the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Program which Includes the design and construction of lunar and Mars bases, habitats, and settlements; construction materials and equipment; life support systems; base operations and logistics; thermal management and power systems; and robotic systems; abstracts are included.

Other bug fixes include:
-Ganymede turret is now properly firing
-third production slot fix ...
-selected game speed is now properly saved
-tooltips are no longer clickable
-rocket fuel negative value
-other minor GUI fixes and adjustments

v1.0 LAUNCH! After five months of Early Access, we're finally launching the game! Big thank you to those of you who voted for us on Greenlight and everyone during Early Access for your feedback and support. We tried to implement as much community feedback as possible. We will continue to build and expand this game based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy the game.

Now you can play three story campaigns all at once. Survive an unexpected conflict on Ceres and unravel a mystery on Ganymede. You can switch between three storylines at any moment. Make a colony life easier trough trading items between worlds. Ceres and Ganymede colonies now have a unique set of buildings and units.

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