Craftedbattle iphone

Developer: C-Apps
Price: $0.99
Version Reviewed: 1.4
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

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Not everything has to look like MineCraft . It's a look that works well for Notch's unique creation but that doesn't mean it's vital for others to emulate it. CraftedBattle is one such game that hasn't learnt that lesson yet, focusing more on its MineCraft style influences than quality gameplay. That's not to say it isn't of interest, however.

Crucially, there's no way of playing online against real players. It is possible to play against up to 15 different bots though, but they are far from the brightest bunch. It doesn't take a huge level of concentration or thought to defeat them. Still, the options are there with health regeneration possible as well as the choice of a free for all or team death match, adding to the variety.

Besides the death match side of things, there's a selection of challenges to complete in which makes the price slightly more acceptable, but the real meat comes from the map creation tool. It's quite limited, not least in the way in which maps can be exported, but it's a neat idea. Players can edit the game maps to their heart's content, assuming they don't want to add things like trees or other obstacles. Also, assuming they don't mind doing so from a first person perspective. However, it is possible to add different environments such as grass or dirt, as well as manipulate a map in a different way than originally intended. Spawn points can also be changed around.

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