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Oculus Touch se lanzará en algunos días más, y ahora finalmente tenemos una lista con los títulos que soportarán los controles.

No tienes que preocuparte por comprar los controles de 199 sólo para verlos empolvarse. El equipo Oculus dijo en una publicación en su blog esta semana que los 53 títulos de RV que soportarán Touch el día de su lanzamiento, incluyendo Fruit Ninja VR de Halfbrick Studios y el nuevo NBA 2KVR Experience .

Aquellos que apartaron su Oculus Touch en preventa obtendrán dos juegos en la lista –The Unspoken y VR Sports Challenge– gratis con los controles.

Arktika.1 is the VR debut for 4A Games, the developers bind the Metro series of first person shooters. The title is built from the ground up for Oculus Touch, here’s 17 minutes of the Oculus Connect 3 demo where the title made it’s debut.

Oculus Connect felt like another milestone marking the maturity of content for virtual reality. VR is beginning to gain support from mainstream, triple-A developers and the games which have been in gestation are now beginning to filter out, with a step change in production design and polish, which the traditional games market takes for granted.

One such title revealed at the event was Arktika.1 from developers 4A Games. You may know them from the hugely popular (and technically excellent) Metro series of first person shooter games. Their Malta studio has been dedicated to building a new made-for-VR title which was unveiled for the first time at Oculus Connect 3. It’s a first person shooter designed around motion controls, specifically Oculus’ forthcoming Touch devices. It’s a first person shooter game set in an icy, futuristic wastelend:

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